Top 10 Must-Try Brazilian Dishes at Estabulo

Brazil, with its vibrant culture and rich history, has a culinary landscape as diverse as its people. From the tropical flavours of the Amazon to the comforting fare of the countryside, the country’s cuisine tells a story of heritage, tradition, and a shared love for good food. Here at Estabulo, we aim to tell that story, one dish at a time, allowing you to explore Brazil’s culinary gems from the comfort of our restaurant.

Every dish at Estabulo is a celebration of Brazil’s culinary heritage. The vibrant flavours, the aroma of the seasonings, the juiciness of the meats, the crunch of the vegetables – every element works in harmony to create a symphony of taste that is authentically Brazilian.

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie looking for your next culinary adventure, or someone wanting to explore new flavours, Estabulo has got you covered. Our extensive menu, curated with care and passion, reflects the true spirit of Brazil. Each dish promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience that will have you coming back for more.

The heart of Brazilian cuisine lies in its ingredients and preparation methods, and at Estabulo, we honour these traditions. From the Picanha, the cap of rump that embodies the richness of Brazilian beef, to the Alcatra, a rump steak that beautifully marries simplicity with depth of flavour. We serve a range of dishes that span across the spectrum of Brazil’s culinary tradition.

1. Picanha (Cap of Rump, 209 Kcal)

Our Picanha, the cap of rump, is not merely a dish; it’s an experience in itself. Highly regarded as one of Brazil’s finest cuts, this dish delivers a profound depth of flavours that will captivate your palate. Each slice is a tender morsel that simply melts in your mouth, leaving behind a trace of rich, meaty savouriness. Imagine sitting by the Brazilian seaside, the tantalising aroma of the grilled Picanha filling the air – that’s the experience our Picanha promises with each bite.

2. Alcatra (Rump, 180 Kcal)

Next on our lunch menu is the Alcatra, the epitome of authentic Brazilian flavours. The Alcatra, our prime rump steak, has been masterfully cooked to balance its natural robust flavour with an unforgettable tenderness. The unique meaty flavours of the Alcatra harmoniously blend with its lightly charred exterior, creating an explosion of taste with each bite. Every mouthful of the Alcatra is a journey through the richness of Brazilian gastronomy.

3. Barriga de Porco (Pork Belly, 470 Kcal)

The Barriga de Porco offers a twist to your culinary adventure with its mouthwatering combination of succulent pork belly and the perfect balance of fat and meat. We carefully slow-cook our pork belly to perfection, ensuring the meat is tender, juicy, and packed full of flavour. Each bite is a delightful mix of textures – the crispiness of the skin, the tender meat, and the rich, melt-in-your-mouth fat. It’s truly a gastronomic symphony on a plate..

4. Sobrecoxa de Frango (Chicken Thighs, 209 Kcal)

Our Sobrecoxa de Frango transports you straight to the heart of Brazil with its classic, homey flavours. These chicken thighs are cooked to perfection, with a juicy interior and a lightly charred exterior. The Brazilian touch? A secret blend of traditional spices that elevates the natural flavours of the chicken, leaving you with a dish that is simple, yet incredibly delicious.

5. Carneiro (Lamb, 182 Kcal)

Our Carneiro, seasoned minted lamb, is a real showstopper. Each serving is a carefully curated combination of tender lamb, fragrant mint, and other exotic seasonings. Slow-cooked to perfection, the lamb falls right off the bone, and the mint adds a refreshing touch that beautifully offsets the richness of the meat. It’s a harmony of flavours you simply can’t miss.

6. Filé Mignon (Fillet Steak, 173 Kcal)

When the evening arrives, Estabulo takes it up a notch with the Filé Mignon, a cut above the rest. Considered a first-class cut of meat, our Filé Mignon is renowned for its tenderness and exquisite flavour. Each bite of this delicacy melts in your mouth, leaving a trail of pure, unadulterated flavour. It’s a luxury on a plate, waiting to be relished.

7. Picanha – Alho (Cap of Rump with Garlic, 310 Kcal)

Our Picanha – Alho is a twist on the lunchtime favourite, this time adorned with a luscious coating of garlic butter. Each bite delivers the succulence of the Picanha, intertwined with the aromatic and bold flavours of the garlic butter. It’s a delightful dance of flavours, a joyous celebration of traditional Brazilian culinary artistry.

8. Frango com Toucinho (Chicken & Bacon, 310 Kcal)

As the sun sets, the tantalizing aroma of our Frango com Toucinho wafts through the air. This dish beautifully marries the succulence of chicken with the crispy and smoky allure of bacon. Each mouthful is an adventure of textures and flavours, a sensory delight that will have you reaching for more. The chicken is cooked just right, locking in the juices, while the bacon adds a depth of flavour that is simply irresistible..

9. Bife Picante (Chilli Beef, 217 Kcal)

The Bife Picante is for those with a penchant for a bit of fire in their food. This dish presents tender beef enrobed in a chilli oil that sets your taste buds aflame in the most delightful way. The beef, tender and succulent, is the perfect canvas for the spicy chilli oil. Each bite brings with it a rush of heat, balanced by the rich flavour of the beef. It’s a daring, yet delicious choice that adds a dash of excitement to your meal.

10. Fisherman’s Basket (967 Kcal)

For seafood lovers, we didn’t forget you. Our Fisherman’s Basket is a delightful medley of seafood: fried chunky cod bites, prawn twisters, charcoal prawns, red velvet prawns, squid rings, and dusted calamari. It’s the perfect way to enjoy Brazil’s coastal cuisine.


If your mouth isn’talready watering, let’s not forget about our delicious vegetarian and fish options. The Rissotto de Abóbora (Butternut Squash Risotto, 613 Kcal) is a vegetarian delight filled with hard cheese that complements the squash in the most delightful way. The Pasta Recheada (Rigatoni Giardineira, 770 Kcal) is a celebration of flavours, cooked beautifully in a garlic and chilli cheese.

And let’s not forget about the little ones! At Estabulo, we believe that everyone should experience the joy of Brazilian cuisine, and that’s why we offer a free children’s rodizio. So, feel free to bring your little gourmands along!

What makes dining at Estabulo an exceptional experience is not just the exquisite food but also the warm, vibrant atmosphere that mirrors the Brazilian spirit. The wide selection of mouth-watering dishes, all carefully prepared to enhance their authentic flavours, ensures there’s something for everyone.

One might wonder, what about dessert? Fear not! Estabulo has an extensive dessert menu (not included here) that you’ll have to discover yourself. Think creamy, rich, sweet, and absolutely indulgent – the perfect way to round off your meal.

Estabulo is the perfect destination if you’re looking to immerse yourself in Brazilian culture, right here at home. It offers a piece of Brazil, from the piquant spices to the smoky grilled meats and the warm, welcoming atmosphere. Each dish tells a story, offers an experience, and, most importantly, satisfies your palate in the most delightful ways.

So, whether you’re a fan of beef, chicken, pork, or fish, or prefer vegetarian options, Estabulo has something that will entice you. Embark on a culinary journey through the heart of Brazil, sample the succulent meats, fresh seafood, and delightful vegetarian dishes.

Remember, food is about the experience just as much as it is about the taste. So come to Estabulo, where every dish is a culinary journey, each bite a story. Be it lunch or evening, the flavours of Brazil await to captivate your senses and offer a dining experience like no other. See you at Estabulo!

Estabulo – where the heart of Brazil beats in every dish. We are eagerly waiting to serve you a piece of our tradition. Bon appétit!

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